Marination Ma Kai xo

  • Plumbing is plum finished. Finito. Fin. We have water that runs and toilets that flush. We speak for all of our construction guys when we say WOOOOO!
  • New concrete floor is poured! If you’ve ever been in a situation that needed concrete poured, you know how exciting this is. 
  • NEW WALLS are about 85% framed (pics to follow)! Soon enough we’ll have a REAL dishpit, a REAL kitchen, and a REAL BAR. Yesssss. 
  • Parks department is tearing off the roof as we speak. There are few windows in time & space where you can tear a roof off of a Seattle structure, and we can’t help but feel like someone, somewhere, is looking out for us with this awesome tear-that-roof-off weather. THANK YOU, Watcher Over-er.